Anastacia O'Keefe
22 April 2009 @ 03:30 pm
kill me again with love  
Anastacia Duval Music Videos

Title: A Home
Subject:  Carson/Anastacia
Artist:  The Dixie Chicks

Info:  There are three parts to this video.  The first verse & chorus reflects on Anastacia meeting and going with Carson to America (after her arrival, and initial years with Pierre & Simone), and then on her reflecting back on it years later, following his death, wishing she could still be there with him, in the past.  The second verse & chorus focuses on the regrets they both faced over Carson's deception of Anastacia, and her furious refusal to speak to him for several years, as well as about Anastacia's regret over never having given herself physically to Carson, now that he's gone.  The third verse & chorus is largely from Carson's point of view, about his greatest regret, at the end of his life - that because Anastacia was never ready to have sex, they never were able to have a family together.

Title: From A Balance Beam
Subject:  Anastacia, memories of Carson; Anastacia/Jared
Artist:  Bright Eyes

Info:  This video is fairly angsty, but it represents Anastacia's plummet into despair when she returns to New York City for the first time since Carson's death, and finds the city to be packed with despair and hopelessness, and haunting memories of her past.  She witnesses a double suicide, which is the breaking point for her, and she finally has to face herself, and decide to not let the negativity get to her.  She vows to not linger in the past... yet she stills keeps all of Carson's old belongings at the Wagner house, as well as her wedding ring, and the watch from Brett.    The end of this music video represents her romance with Captain Jared O'Keefe (Adrien Brody) of the NYPD.  However, all of these events happened in Heart of Innocence, and her timeline for this game is before those events.  She has never even met Jared.

Title:  One Hand In My Pocket
Subject:  Anastacia Duval... a reverse timeline  (plus pretty much everyone else in her past)
Artist:  Alanis Morissette
Info: If you didn't read Anastacia's timeline, this video will probably not make much sense at all.  >.<  Anyways, it's about the many lives she's led over the course of a century.  This is also Anastacia's theme song.