Anastacia O'Keefe
22 April 2009 @ 01:32 am
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Anastacia's Psychology & Personality:

Anastacia represents a very delicate balance between 100+ years of maturity, and an innate naivete that shapes her reactions to the world around her, and keeps her in a constant state of psychological innocence.  This is a direct consequence of her bloodline and upbringing - she is actually the goddess Lurue's granddaughter, and did not grow up in the Shadow World, as she assumes, but rather, directly on the goddess' plane.  She was exposed to none of the horrors or problems of the mundane, mortal realms, and also had never met a man, except, perhaps, her Father, while she lived there.  She was incredibly close to her twin sister, Sushinae (Kate Hudson), in this other life. 

However, when Anastacia was sent by her goddess to the Modern Dimension on earth, she forgot everything except for her relation to Lurue, her religious beliefs, and little else.  Given that these were all she brought with her, she clings to them as her link to her true identity, and has kept her religion at the core of her lifestyle.

Charity, kindness, and motivation to do good run in her veins, and she embodies virtue in terms of these things.  She has a very difficult time being selfish, and does not like indulging in buying herself things, though she is happy to accept thoughtful gifts from others.  She derives her selfish joys from simple, silly every day pleasures. 

Anastacia has an almost chamelon-like external style, adapting very much to the company that she keeps.  In fact, she does not like being stuck in one 'personality' for very long at all.  She's a complete free spirit, and lives for trying new things.  Change is her favorite companion, and, as such, travel is one of her most cherished activities.  This has worked out well for her, seeing as how she does not age like human beings, and has watched many companions live and die during her long lifespan, as she remains constantly youthful.  She does not, however, think herself superior to human beings on account of this.  

Her greatest fear involves being caught or trapped into a defined 'box', which is why the notion of enslavement all but drained the life from her.  Wanderlust is a part of who she is, so anything that hampers her ability to roam is terrifying to her.

In terms of men, she considered Carson her soulmate, but there was never a sexual aspect to their relationship.  Poor Carson lived with her his entire life, waiting for her to be ready, and she never was.  This was a combination of her natural inclination towards chastity (sexual urges themselves were not even something that occurred with her at that time in her life) and her own psychological wounds left by Conrad's attempted rape.  After Carson died, the thought of being with another man was alien to her, so she avoided any such situations with a passion.  The one time she did allow herself to flirt with a man, that man captured her and gave her as a slave to his son.   This left even more of a bad taste in her mouth regarding the opposite sex.  She isn't against the idea of finding love again, or ever actually losing her 114-year virginity - but it would take someone very special, very patient, and very understanding, who could heal the many wounds she still suffers from in her heart.

Most importantly, Anastacia is an unbridled and enthusiastic optimist.  She believes that everything happens for a reason, and for an ultimately good reason, as well.  Despite all the horrible things she's seen, and tragedy she's experienced first hand, she ahs no doubt that Lurue has a plan for her, that people are inherently good, and that everyone is capable of helping the world become a better place.

In terms of character flaws, her naivete is her greatest source of problems.  She'll trust almost anyone, or give anybody a second chance, because it's the right thing to do.  It's led to her being taken advantage of in many situations, though she sees that as no cause to change her ways.   Given that change is so integral to her way of life, she has very severe problems with commitment on many levels.  This causes many people to believe that she is fickle - and sometimes she can be.  Characters who are cynical are likely to find her optimism to the point of annoyance, though she has made friends with some of these people, due to the fact that she actually has suffered misfortunes, and is not just optimistic out of a lack of experience with the harshness of the world.  Anastacia is easily embarrassed by mentions of sex, and doesn't really get innuendo.  If she believes something to be the will of the gods, she will not bother reasoning with whether it should be done or not - she will simply do it, given that it is not something evil.