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25 April 2016 @ 02:56 pm
how many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?  
Crowded Hour Logs

1. Shoulda Known Better.  (Anastacia, Mickey, Archie).  Anastacia arrives & runs into Mickey. She learns where he's from and they have a race to the steps, where Archie Kennedy is waiting, a bit awe-struck by Anastacia.  He gives them the rundown - we're all trapped, we don't know why, this is how the phone works.  The three of them trade numbers, Archie finds a shiny new coat, and Anastacia sees that someone was hurt by a unicorn.  After listening to the Confessor Fox's message, she starts to fear that Malar, the mortal enemy of her goddess, Lurue, is involved in all this.  They explore the ground floor and try to find some commonality between them.  They finally decide to throw a party to keep the spirits up of those trapped, and try to get an accurate count of people.  Finished.  

2. Say you wanna get in || And then you wanna get out.  (Anastacia, Mason).  Anastacia runs into a newly arrived Mason, who offers to help her carry some guest books she's found after searching the castle, for the party.  She breaks the news to him about how they're trapped, and how people have been dying.  He tells her that he's from London, and Seattle, and works as a "freelancer" with Daisy and Georgia.  They talk a little about New York, and various things they've done, and then decide to go find some alcohol for the party. After admitting to being not quite human herself, Mason confesses that he is a reaper, which creates a strange sense of kinship between them.  They discover wine in the cellar, as well as a fully stocked liquor cabinet.  Anastacia snakes a body of fey wine for later, and her and Mason talk for quite awhile.  Finished.

3.  make secret these words and seal up the book until the time of the end.  (Anastacia, Kara, Castiel).  Kara joins Anastacia in the library late night, where she is researching gods and goddesses who might be involved with the castle and its magic.  They are led to an alcove marked with an eye like symbol similar to the one Kara had painted before, and discover a hidden passageway behind a bookcase.  The key is a text called The Tears of the Goddess, written in Celestial. They find a secret room full of magical tomes and artifacts below, and a book written in hieroglyphs that seems important.  Anastacia sends out a message for a translator and Castiel responds.  She also has a conversation with Isaack Brie, the vampire.  Castiel arrives and translates the passage, and they take the book upstairs where they seek out some maps of the castle.  Having located the dungeon, they put out an all-call for others willing to join them in exploration.   Finished.

i'll bring back the goods | but i don't know when.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Dean, Peter).  Anastacia and Castiel meet up with Peter and Dean in the hallway, and, after arming themselves, head down to the dungeon to find the recipe.  They confront a demon who changes into Carson in Anastacia's eyes which terrifies her.  The others destroy it, while Castiel fights an entire room full of demons.  In the end, they are successful, and split up to seek out the ingredients.  Anastacia calls Mason & MIckey to ask for their help.  Finished.

Visitation Rights | Pacing the Cage
.  (Anastacia, Archie).  Having heard that Archie was possessed, and had bound himself, Anastacia goes to keep him company, bringing him some books, and then engaging him in conversation about their histories.  Hand-Waved.

6.  A song to say goodbye.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Dean). Anastacia, Castiel, and Dean find and put together the ingredients necessary to make the cure, and make a plan to disperse it in the water system. Finished.

7.  you're watching how the shadows fall.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Archie).  Anastacia and Castiel bring the cure to Archie, but the demon inside him fights against their attempts to free his soul.  Castiel and the demon engage in a rather epic battle, but in the end, our heroes triumph and restore Archie to himself.  Anastacia leaves to disperse the cure in the water and to find help for her injured shoulder.  Finished.

8.  Contact List.  (Anastacia).  Anastacia collects phone numbers of doctors and law enforcement, adds her name to the Contact List, and also adds information about the cure for demons, and the party.  Finished.

9.  mending hour.  (Anastacia, McCoy).  Anastacia gets a hold of Dr. McCoy, who comes to help her fix her shoulder.  Hand-waved.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?  (Anastacia, Archie, Jack, Kara, Diana).  Anastacia meets Jack and talks briefly with Kara and Archie.  She sits with Diana and they discuss politics at the castle.  Anastacia tells Archie that they mean to make an announcement at the dance about possibly electing officials. Finished.

11.  We Can Dance If We Want To.  (Anastacia, Abby.). Abby & Anastacia make friends at the dance, and decide to build a bowling alley!   She makes a transmission asking for help.  Finished.

11b.  We Can Dance If We Want To.  (Anastacia, Archie.). Archie and Anastacia share the last dance.  Finished.

12.  you know the sport that god would choose.  (Anastacia, Meg.). Meg drops in while Anastacia is working on remodeling the ballroom into a bowling alley.  Hand-waved.

13.  i miss direction most | in all this desperation.  (Anastacia, TinTin, Snowy, Dairine, Reid, Gwen.).  Anastacia calls a meeting to discuss the possibility of setting up community meetings or a council to decide things.   Sort of finished?  Hand-waved, I think.

14.  [untitled].  (Anastacia, Shilo.). Anastacia greets Shilo upon her arrival.  She learns that the girl is sick and contacts Dr. McCoy who promises to look at her.  Finished.

15.  I don't wanna be kept, I don't wanna be caged, I don't wanna be damned (oh hell).  (Anastacia, Ginia). Anastacia explains a few things about the castle to Ginia, and they put their heads together to try to figure things out.  Finished.

  The Prince, etc.  (Anastacia, Gina).  Finished.

17.  'tis I'll be here in sunshine or shadow.  (Anastacia, Gwen).  On-Going.

Anastacia O'Keefe
22 April 2009 @ 01:59 am
we are standing on the edge  
Friday, June 30th, 2016

She watched the lines in the sidewalk as they passed by, heels clipping along at a measured pace.  Her hands were buried deep in the pockets of her blue pea coat, and thoughts raced through her head in an equally measured, equally persistent rhythm.

It was Friday night, and she had her cashed paycheck tucked neatly into the gold purse dangling at her side.  She was on her way to the Gift of Lethe Kitchen, to slip her biweekly donation into the box outside.  But today had her wondering.  Wondering if it was enough.

She glanced up, away from those repeating faultlines in the pavement, and scanned the faces of those she passed.  A mixture of ennui, frustration, anger, and emptiness answered her, and her eyes dragged down again, the tiniest of frowns decorating her visage for a moment.  She remembered so vividly the one time she'd let it get to her - this city.  Returning to New York after all these years to find it... strangely hollow.  She thought she felt a breeze, as a shiver rocked down her spine, but she knew it was just the memory of those dark days when the things she'd seen in the inner city - the crime, the helpless homeless, the apathy and despair- had shaken her to the very core.  It has nearly broken her down.  But she had faith... and she had realized, through that pain and uglinesss, that this must have been exactly why the Unicorn had guided her back here.  To enact her own small sliver of change.  Anastacia had never dreamed she'd be a member of law enforcement in one of the toughest cities in the world.  She knew people laughed at her, thought she was too soft, too innocent, too nice to be a cop.  But she was tougher than she looked.  She'd probably seen more than most of them had.  She could handle it, especially if she were able to go to bed every night knowing she'd helped someone.

But, she couldn't help but wonder... was this going to be it?  

Was this her destiny then?  Should she be doing more?  It wasn't guilt that gnawed after her, but rather an echoing sense of the city's pain, that she felt in a very visceral way, right beneath her skin.  It needled at her own pain, her own loss, the things this city had once held for her and no longer did.

No. She had decided years ago that she wouldn't be buoyed down in these thoughts.  She was here, now.  She would do what she could.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she was jolted by someone brushing past her in the crowd.  They shoved something into her hand - an envelope.  She took a moment to glance down at it, bewildered, and by the time she looked behind her, scanning the crowd for the one responsible, they had melted into the sea of faces, backs, motion.  She blinked a few times, her heart racing, inexplicably. 

There was an alleyway ahead, and she rode the wave of people until she reached it, slipping unnoticed into the abandoned way, and leaning against the wall.  She quickly drew off her gloves, stuffing them into the pocket of her coat.  For reasons unknown, she clutched the envelope to her chest, head tilting back as she tried to control the imbalance of her breathing, the flutter in her chest.  There was something to this, she felt it, and it was powerful indeed.

Finally, fingers almost shaking in anticipation, she opened the envelope and removed the ticket inside.  Her eyes scanned the words there.

"Your destiny awaits."  There was a location, and a time.  

Her heart almost banged out of her chest, as a smile somewhere between pure joy and relief broke across her face. 

This it it, her heart sang.  Those three words were enough. 

In fact, they were everything.

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