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25 April 2016 @ 02:56 pm
how many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?  
Crowded Hour Logs

1. Shoulda Known Better.  (Anastacia, Mickey, Archie).  Anastacia arrives & runs into Mickey. She learns where he's from and they have a race to the steps, where Archie Kennedy is waiting, a bit awe-struck by Anastacia.  He gives them the rundown - we're all trapped, we don't know why, this is how the phone works.  The three of them trade numbers, Archie finds a shiny new coat, and Anastacia sees that someone was hurt by a unicorn.  After listening to the Confessor Fox's message, she starts to fear that Malar, the mortal enemy of her goddess, Lurue, is involved in all this.  They explore the ground floor and try to find some commonality between them.  They finally decide to throw a party to keep the spirits up of those trapped, and try to get an accurate count of people.  Finished.  

2. Say you wanna get in || And then you wanna get out.  (Anastacia, Mason).  Anastacia runs into a newly arrived Mason, who offers to help her carry some guest books she's found after searching the castle, for the party.  She breaks the news to him about how they're trapped, and how people have been dying.  He tells her that he's from London, and Seattle, and works as a "freelancer" with Daisy and Georgia.  They talk a little about New York, and various things they've done, and then decide to go find some alcohol for the party. After admitting to being not quite human herself, Mason confesses that he is a reaper, which creates a strange sense of kinship between them.  They discover wine in the cellar, as well as a fully stocked liquor cabinet.  Anastacia snakes a body of fey wine for later, and her and Mason talk for quite awhile.  Finished.

3.  make secret these words and seal up the book until the time of the end.  (Anastacia, Kara, Castiel).  Kara joins Anastacia in the library late night, where she is researching gods and goddesses who might be involved with the castle and its magic.  They are led to an alcove marked with an eye like symbol similar to the one Kara had painted before, and discover a hidden passageway behind a bookcase.  The key is a text called The Tears of the Goddess, written in Celestial. They find a secret room full of magical tomes and artifacts below, and a book written in hieroglyphs that seems important.  Anastacia sends out a message for a translator and Castiel responds.  She also has a conversation with Isaack Brie, the vampire.  Castiel arrives and translates the passage, and they take the book upstairs where they seek out some maps of the castle.  Having located the dungeon, they put out an all-call for others willing to join them in exploration.   Finished.

i'll bring back the goods | but i don't know when.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Dean, Peter).  Anastacia and Castiel meet up with Peter and Dean in the hallway, and, after arming themselves, head down to the dungeon to find the recipe.  They confront a demon who changes into Carson in Anastacia's eyes which terrifies her.  The others destroy it, while Castiel fights an entire room full of demons.  In the end, they are successful, and split up to seek out the ingredients.  Anastacia calls Mason & MIckey to ask for their help.  Finished.

Visitation Rights | Pacing the Cage
.  (Anastacia, Archie).  Having heard that Archie was possessed, and had bound himself, Anastacia goes to keep him company, bringing him some books, and then engaging him in conversation about their histories.  Hand-Waved.

6.  A song to say goodbye.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Dean). Anastacia, Castiel, and Dean find and put together the ingredients necessary to make the cure, and make a plan to disperse it in the water system. Finished.

7.  you're watching how the shadows fall.  (Anastacia, Castiel, Archie).  Anastacia and Castiel bring the cure to Archie, but the demon inside him fights against their attempts to free his soul.  Castiel and the demon engage in a rather epic battle, but in the end, our heroes triumph and restore Archie to himself.  Anastacia leaves to disperse the cure in the water and to find help for her injured shoulder.  Finished.

8.  Contact List.  (Anastacia).  Anastacia collects phone numbers of doctors and law enforcement, adds her name to the Contact List, and also adds information about the cure for demons, and the party.  Finished.

9.  mending hour.  (Anastacia, McCoy).  Anastacia gets a hold of Dr. McCoy, who comes to help her fix her shoulder.  Hand-waved.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?  (Anastacia, Archie, Jack, Kara, Diana).  Anastacia meets Jack and talks briefly with Kara and Archie.  She sits with Diana and they discuss politics at the castle.  Anastacia tells Archie that they mean to make an announcement at the dance about possibly electing officials. Finished.

11.  We Can Dance If We Want To.  (Anastacia, Abby.). Abby & Anastacia make friends at the dance, and decide to build a bowling alley!   She makes a transmission asking for help.  Finished.

11b.  We Can Dance If We Want To.  (Anastacia, Archie.). Archie and Anastacia share the last dance.  Finished.

12.  you know the sport that god would choose.  (Anastacia, Meg.). Meg drops in while Anastacia is working on remodeling the ballroom into a bowling alley.  Hand-waved.

13.  i miss direction most | in all this desperation.  (Anastacia, TinTin, Snowy, Dairine, Reid, Gwen.).  Anastacia calls a meeting to discuss the possibility of setting up community meetings or a council to decide things.   Sort of finished?  Hand-waved, I think.

14.  [untitled].  (Anastacia, Shilo.). Anastacia greets Shilo upon her arrival.  She learns that the girl is sick and contacts Dr. McCoy who promises to look at her.  Finished.

15.  I don't wanna be kept, I don't wanna be caged, I don't wanna be damned (oh hell).  (Anastacia, Ginia). Anastacia explains a few things about the castle to Ginia, and they put their heads together to try to figure things out.  Finished.

  The Prince, etc.  (Anastacia, Gina).  Finished.

17.  'tis I'll be here in sunshine or shadow.  (Anastacia, Gwen).  On-Going.

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17 November 2009 @ 12:00 pm
[ profile] justprompts : from a balance beam  

Image prompt from [info]justprompts

New York City, New York

She knew that she couldn't avoid it forever. Sooner or later, she had to go, and it would be better if it were sooner, or so she told herself.

Some of the landmarks were almost exactly the same, and the streetnames provided a friendly and familiar guide for her to trace and wind her way back towards what was once her home, or something like it. But that was where the friendly and the familiar ended.

The streets were littered with indecent flyers trampled in the mud. Graffiti peppered the sides of buildings that had once been elegant and graceful, gang signs and rap lyrics and phone numbers and vulgar words for Shadowkind. She tried not to feel sick as memories of walking these streets with Carson assailed her. People she passed didn't make eye contact, or pressed past her, bumping shoulders against her as if they hadn't noticed her walking straight towards them. No one was smiling, no one was laughing, no one was even looking up at the sky. What could be seen of it, that is.

She took a moment to do just that, as she rounded a corner,eyes raking upwards along the impossibly tall buildings. She gasped slightly when she saw the two people standing upon the ledge. They were so far up that at first she thought they might be cats, birds, something small perched on the edge. They weren't.

Her eyes dropped down again and now she could see the crowds of onlookers staring up, pointing, jaws dropped, hushed whispers. There were no police cars, no megaphones. Had no one called the police? Or had there not been enough time for them to get there?

Anastacia began stepping across the street, looking quickly for ways to get through traffic, which seemed to push on past the scene above as if in a hurry to escape it, avoid it, not notice it. Above, the two people clasped hands. A man and a woman. They were looking at each other, not at the hoardes of people pointing up at them, not doing anything to prevent this.

If only she could get inside, get up there, if only...

And then they stepped off, in tandem, and plummeted. She was halfway through the street and she was screaming, or she thought she was, but really there wasn't any sound coming out of her mouth, it was just the cars honking at her, as she'd stopped in the middle of the road, in New York traffic, and they were still falling, why wasn't anyone doing anything and

then it was over. Just like that.

There were sirens now, on their way, not going to make it, and she wasn't going to make it across the street either, so she pushed her way back to the crowd gathered on the far side. She didn't want to see, didn't want to be there anymore. She just didn't understand.

What had happened to this place? It felt like there was a whirlpool inside of her, sucking away at something. She needed to be away from here, and go back home, but she wasn't really sure that anywhere felt like home now. Certainly this city didn't, where people where helpless against hopelessness. She didn't belong in such a place.

But maybe, whispered the tiniest voice inside of her, one that she pushed down for now, but would grow stronger in time, maybe that's exactly why the Unicorn sent me here in the first place. To help fight that despair.
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09 November 2009 @ 02:57 pm
[ profile] charloft: a drink precedes a story  
Sweet is the wine but sour is the payment.
Irish Proverb


Anastacia groaned heavily as she lifted her head off from the pillow, though it took all her willpower to do as much.  When all she saw was a spinning room, she let it fall again as if it were leaden with heavy weights.  For all she knew it was.

"Anastaaacia," she heard Rose saying, and Rose sounded way too chipper.  It didn't seem to mesh with her pounding head. "Good morning, sleepy head."

"Fetch... cleric," Anastacia managed to mumble.  "Dying."

Rose laughed.  "Wow, you were completely serious, weren't you?  You've honestly never been hung over before."  Anastacia released a pathetic half mewling sound in response.   "Had you ever really been drunk before even?"

"No," Anastacia grumbled.  "I didn't think I could.   What did you give me?  Was it poison?  Why did you poison me?"  The words were mumbled into her pillow, but Rose somehow could understand them.

"It was fey wine," Rose said.  "Elf wine, basically.  They don't get drunk like humans, and well... I guess it just packs enough punch to take even you out."

"This is horrible," Anastacia groaned.  "Why would anyone do this to themselves?"

"How much do you remember about last night?"

"There was a last night?"

Rose laughed again.  "That's my girl.  Some of it might come back to you and then you'll remember.  You had a good time."

The horror of that sentence caused Anastacia's head to jerk up.  "Wait, what?  What did I do?  Oh goddess, I didn't..."

"Relax," Rose said, pushing her back down.  "You had a very G-rated you-style good time."

"Thank heavens for small favors."

"Ok, maybe PG."


Rose grinned and a pillow whizzed at her head.  She ran out of the room laughing,  "Next time, we'll take pictures!"

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29 July 2009 @ 04:34 pm
Infrequently Asked Questions )
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13 July 2009 @ 01:11 am
[ profile] justprompts: the thinnest line  
"A lie, told often enough, becomes the truth."


"You're my wife," he murmurs in her ear, gently and momentarily placing a hand on the small of her back as he bends over her at the piano bench where she sits, pretending to be reaching for something beyond her. "That's who you really are."

As he pulls away, this time, she does not feel comforted.

Perhaps it is because she knows that will never be true. They have never been married, and they never will be able to. She doesn't know if she would want to, after what he has put her through. She does not know much of anything anymore.

Perhaps it is because she keeps convincing herself that this is a temporary state of things. That she will only be playing the role of the servant for another year, and then, somehow, everyone will understand, and she can just be herself.

Perhaps it is because, as she sits there, playing the piano and listening to the other guests complimenting Carson and Conrad on their 'very attractive Shadow woman", she can hear the way they make her into an object. A thing. A possession owned by these men, with no thoughts of her own. Perhaps it is because she is afraid that this will never end, and that she will turn into the very thing that she, by necessity, must pretend to be.

Actually, there is no 'perhaps' about that.

It's fear, stark fear, that whitens her knuckles as she plays, and refuses to let Carson's words reach her heart. Conrad leers at her over her drink and she fights off tears, because even he, even Carson's own brother doesn't know how he loves her. How she's a real person. How she does not belong to them.

If Conrad believes I'm his family's property, and I have to allow him to treat me as such, then how can I claim that he's not right in believing it?
The thought sends horrific shudders down her spine. Carson is still smiling, still free, drifting around the room to make conversation.

She's allowed to drift when she finishes her song, so that she may touch up people's drinks, and ignore lewd suggestions from some of Conrad's friends.

She's pretending to hate herself, to hate her life in servitude, to have no self respect.

It feels less like pretending now. It feels disturbingly like truth.
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19 May 2009 @ 01:44 pm
[ profile] justprompts: a fool such as i  

Image prompt from [community profile] justprompts 

February 1966

New Orleans

For awhile, all that Anastacia could think to herself was "It's loud."  It was strange, that it should be that thought, because noise had never really bothered her.  Show her a party, a loud raucous party, an earsplitting concert, she'd be there, grinning, not complaining, not caring.  Because noise meant there was life there, the pulsing vibe of society, and that was something that excited her to her core.

Or at least, it used to.

She kept pressed close to Rose as they pushed their way through crowds, their hands clasped so they wouldn't lose each other.  It was a silly gesture -- almost a childish one, but there was comfort in it.  They'd lost someone they never thought they could ; they took not letting that happen again very seriously.  It was the first time they'd really gone out since Kierce's death.  They'd chosen to throw themselves into the middle of something huge, and Mardi Gras certainly fit the bill.

"So," Rose said, and Anastacia could sense the way the enthusiasm in her voice was strained, forced, fake for the time being, until they could generate something new and real.  "What do you wanna do first?"

"I don't know," Anastacia responded, hating the hesitance in her voice.  "Why don't we just go with the flow?  Whatever we see first."

A tiny smile tugged at the corner of Rose's mouth.  "Groovy."

Anastacia nudged Rose lightly and gestured up with their joined hands towards a rickety wooden sign, featuring the palm of a hand, with an open eye set in the center of it.  "FREE TAROT READINGS" was advertised below it.   "What do you think?  Up to peeking into our futures?"

Rose's eyes scanned the sign for a moment longer than she would have before, back in the days when she had leapt at anything.  "Yeah," she finally said.  "Why not?"

They ducked inside, instantly overwhelmed by the scent of incense, and the shift in lighting.  Candles and lamp shades cast a red-orange glow over the entire place.  A hunched over woman, in a purple, fringed shawl, sat at a table, cards at the ready.  Rose stopped, and Anastacia could see the panic in her eyes as she stared at those cards.  One of them had the word 'Death' scrawled across it, and Anastacia knew immediately what Rose feared.  She squeezed her hand lightly.  Neither of them wanted to see that card come up for them any time soon.  "I'll go first," she whispered.

"Come in, dearies, come in," said the woman, her New Orleans accent thick, and perhaps exaggerated.  "Take a seat."

Anastacia obeyed, giving a brief tight smile to the reader, and then glancing back once at Rose, who had folded her arms tightly across her chest.  Maybe it was hooey, maybe it wasn't.  But both of them were nervous about what the cards would predict for them. 

"Do you have a question in mind for me, or would you like a more general reading?"

Anastacia considered for a moment, and realized she was coming up empty on things to ask.  "General, please."

In silence, the reader shuffled the cards, then systematically laid them out in a star pattern face down.  When she was done, she touched the card in the lower left.  "This card represents what you see."  She flipped it over.  "The Tower.  A change card.  You've seen a disruption to your routine, perhaps, something dramatic."  Anastacia could feel Rose tense up behind her.  It could be a loss, a change in location, job, companions."  She looked up, meeting Anastacia's probably distressed gaze.  "However, it is not all negative.  The Tower usually represents a road to spiritual enlightenment.  As a result of the change, growth is obtained.  Even freedom"

She moved to the next card, tapping it once.  "This card represents what you cannot see."

She flipped it to reveal a dignified female figure in religious apparel.  Anastacia's eyebrows drew together.  It seemed like more than coincidence.  "This is the High Priestess" the reader explained.  "A powerful female, representative of mystery.  Things yet to be revealed.  Something remains hidden from you that will in the end serve a great purpose."  Anastacia suppressed a shiver.  A part of her felt as if she'd been waiting for someone to say this out loud to her since she arrived in this world.

"The third card.  This represents what you can change."   It was the image of a woman pouring water into a lake.  The card was dominated by a star.  "Hope, healing of old scars, mentally or physically broadening oneself and one's horizons.  You are the one who has control over these things.  They will potentially lead to the growth promised by the Tower and the High Priestess."

"Fourth.  This is what you cannot change." 

Anastacia felt certain, quite suddenly, that she didn't want to know what was on the other side of that card.  Her suspicions were confirmed when it was revealed.  The Death card.  She glanced back at Rose, who was staring at her intently, nails digging into her arms now. 

"Death," the reader said, "This card is not what you may think it is at first.  It was dealt upright, and as such it has positive connotations.  It is change.  The death of one life, and the passing into a new one.  As such it represent a new beginning, though that beginning is often abrupt, and sometimes marked with pain.  You cannot alter this, the change is outside of your hands."

Anastacia heard the beads of the door clatter together.  She knew Rose was gone.  She rose sharply, looking back over her shoulder.  "I... I have to go, I'm sorry, thank you," she said, turning to leave, but the woman caught her wrist in a surprisingly strong grip.  Anastacia looked down at the hand that held her, the long nails painted blood red, then turned her face, confused, back to the reader.

"One final card," she whispered, and with her still free hand, tapped the last one.  "What you can expect."   Anastacia tugged slightly but the woman did not relax her grip.  Instead, she flipped over the card.  Unlike the others, this one was dealt upside down, so that Anastacia could clearly read the word written there.  It said simply THE FOOL.

She forgot about pulling away for a moment, instead gulping and whispering, "Wh.. what does it mean?"  She hadn't forgotten the woman's words about cards that were upright being positive, and ones that weren't...

"The reversed fool represents impulsive action that will end badly.  Foolish choices, perhaps a change in environment.  Perhaps this new journey that your other cards signify will not be a pleasant one." 

"Who is the fool?" she found herself asking.  "Whose choice?"  She already knew the answer.


The woman released her arm, and Anastacia held her gaze for a moment, before turning and pushing her way out of the place with more haste than was probably dignified.  She thought she could feel the woman's eyes burning into her back as she left, and she hurried to find Rose, and escape those eyes - and those words.

Author's Note: No, I don't know anything about tarot.  I just wanted to do the prompt, alright?  Alright.

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05 May 2009 @ 04:26 pm
[ profile] justprompts: wine that's all too strange and strong  
Stuff your eyes with wonder . . . live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world.
It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

Ray Bradbury


"Come with me."

There was something to those words, something about the promise within in them, conjuring images of exotic locales, new experiences, sunrises in foreign lands, that decided her. Carson was on her knees, the springy wet grass probably leaving stains on his crisp light trousers, holding her hand lightly in his own.

"As my wife."

This gave her a moment's pause. What did she know of marriage? What did she know of being a wif

What did she really know of him?

Enough, her heart told her. I know what he is to me, and that I'll never find this moment again. I know that beside him, every moment will be an adventure, every day something new.

I know that if I say no, and he leaves, I'll never find this waking wonder again

So, despite only having known him these passing weeks, despite all the questions that lay unanswered, despite her love for her family here, she knew she had to step through this door, and see what lay beyond it.

It was a simple reply for the flood of feelings she was filled with. "Today," she added, infusing the word with the sense of urgency she abruptly felt. "If we can."

A smile broke across his face, speaking volumes
. He pressed her hand to his lips, suddenly.

"Today then. We'll go see the world... and then bring it home with us."

She answered him with a brilliant smile of her own. She almost swore she could see what he promised in his eyes.

The world. And a home.

Prompt from [ profile] justprompts

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22 April 2009 @ 03:30 pm
kill me again with love  
Anastacia Duval Music Videos

Title: A Home
Subject:  Carson/Anastacia
Artist:  The Dixie Chicks

Info:  There are three parts to this video.  The first verse & chorus reflects on Anastacia meeting and going with Carson to America (after her arrival, and initial years with Pierre & Simone), and then on her reflecting back on it years later, following his death, wishing she could still be there with him, in the past.  The second verse & chorus focuses on the regrets they both faced over Carson's deception of Anastacia, and her furious refusal to speak to him for several years, as well as about Anastacia's regret over never having given herself physically to Carson, now that he's gone.  The third verse & chorus is largely from Carson's point of view, about his greatest regret, at the end of his life - that because Anastacia was never ready to have sex, they never were able to have a family together.

Title: From A Balance Beam
Subject:  Anastacia, memories of Carson; Anastacia/Jared
Artist:  Bright Eyes

Info:  This video is fairly angsty, but it represents Anastacia's plummet into despair when she returns to New York City for the first time since Carson's death, and finds the city to be packed with despair and hopelessness, and haunting memories of her past.  She witnesses a double suicide, which is the breaking point for her, and she finally has to face herself, and decide to not let the negativity get to her.  She vows to not linger in the past... yet she stills keeps all of Carson's old belongings at the Wagner house, as well as her wedding ring, and the watch from Brett.    The end of this music video represents her romance with Captain Jared O'Keefe (Adrien Brody) of the NYPD.  However, all of these events happened in Heart of Innocence, and her timeline for this game is before those events.  She has never even met Jared.

Title:  One Hand In My Pocket
Subject:  Anastacia Duval... a reverse timeline  (plus pretty much everyone else in her past)
Artist:  Alanis Morissette
Info: If you didn't read Anastacia's timeline, this video will probably not make much sense at all.  >.<  Anyways, it's about the many lives she's led over the course of a century.  This is also Anastacia's theme song.  

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22 April 2009 @ 12:44 am
pull me out of the lake  
Anastacia's timeline.

March 18th, 1924 - Falls through to our world in Vence, France, a small town set in the hills of the Alps Mountains.  She lands in a small pond, wearing a white dress.  Pierre Duval, (Henry Cavill from I Capture the Castle), age 17, was out there bathing, thought he was seeing an "angel".  Embarrassed the heck out of her, who had lead a very chaste, man-less life, and embarrassed him because he'd not had a lot of experience with girls, and she was so otherworldly beautiful, and, well, he was naked.  She spoke no French, only Celestial, so they had to work out how to communicate without words.  He took her back to his house, as he was a sensible boy, and introduced her to his mother, who solved the situation.

1924 - 1932 - Taken in by Pierre's family, which was actually  just he and his mother.  His mother, age 36, Simone Duval (Barbara Hershey), took her in as her "niece" (Pierre's "cousin").  Lived with the Duvals and helped them on their farm.  Learned French, quite quickly.  She took the middle name of Cosette, which was the name of Simone's first child, lost in birth.  The father of Pierre and Cosette had died about six years before she arrived.

March 18th, 1929 - Pierre gives her a necklace on the five year celebration of the day that she came through, and in a very awkward moment out by the pond, he kisses her.  She's too embarrassed to figure out whether or not she actually has feelings for him or not, seeing as how she's very unaccustomed to men.  She takes the necklace, but tells him that they shouldn't go any farther than that, or think about it anymore, because it would hurt his mother's feelings.  It's a crappy excuse, but she's terrified.  The necklace includes a picture of Pierre, who tells her that he never wants her to forget him.

late 1931 - Meets Carson Wagner (Jeremy Irons), who sweeps her off her feet with his exotic American ways, her mind finally accustomed to the notion of romance, after having dwelled on the kiss from Pierre for two years.   Carson is a  member of the Wagner family, clock and watch makers, a big company in New York run by his older brother, Conrad Wagner (Sean Penn), taken over from their father who has just died.  Carson starts to teach her some English.  She feels that she has really fallen in love.

1932 - Carson proposes to her, and she moves to America under the guise of getting married to him there.  Says her tearful goodbyes to Simone and to a rather heartbroken Pierre.  However, she is tricked and enslaved when brought to America, for although Carson really does love her, he can't marry her because of his social status.  He tells her she's signing a prenuptial agreement, when really, she signs herself into slavery.  Carson spends the next many years trying to win back her trust, insisting that it is an arrangement in name only, so that they can be together.  There's an icy few years where she will barely say two words to him.  He refuses to let her leave the house to go out on her own, or to go visit her family in France, because he worries about the dangers of the outside world and her naiveté. 

1932 - 1936 - Live in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia together, with a few other Shadowkind servants:  the elf Rhyneleaf, the snake blood Jericho Meyers, and the gnome twins Jek and Grek.

1932 - Attend opening of the Loews Philadelphia Hotel (old PSFS Building), the tallest building Philadelphia at 36 stories,

1936 - After a few years, they move to New York, the Hamptons, because Conrad needs help running the business.  Conrad is really in lust with her, even though he professes to hate Shadow kind and has a family of his own.  He pressures Carson to sign her over to his family when he dies.   Conrad's wife is named Lilith, (Greta Scacchi) and his children are Gretchen and Daniel. 

1936 - 1945 - Lives in NYC with Conrad's family, strained living the society life because she now has to play the part of servant, so as to not jeopardize Conrad's position.  First taste of what her enslavement really means, and what prejudice is really like.  Conrad has a room that he will not allow anyone else into.

1945 - While they are living with them in NY helping run the business, Conrad tries to rape Anastacia, and gets in a fight with Carson who arrives just in time, and pulls a gun on his older brother.  Carson subsequently puts in place a contract that states that she will be freed upon his death.  Brett Wagner (Mel Gibson) is the helpful youngest brother, age 25, who comes to take over as partner with Carson, and who gives her a pocket watch as a gift to say goodbye when they moved away following this "incident".  The watch is inscribed with "With a brother's love" - a symbol of the way he accepted her as a real part of the family.  He too was originally from Philadelphia and had known her there as well. Carson & Anastacia now go live there again for a time.

1945 - 1959 - Lives in Philadelphia with Carson, rather happily, after awhile.  He does everything he can to make up for the horrible time that she has had in New York, but she is always heart broken that he cannot marry her.

1951 - Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" becomes Carson and Anastacia's song.

1959 - Carson dies, and she is released as is dictated by her contract.  Sing "Unforgettable" to each other on his deathbed.  She leaves Philadelphia and travels to Chicago.

1960 - 1966 - Big in the Civil Rights movements for African Americans for a time; close friends with Kierce Hammond (Djimon Hounsou) and Rose Martin (Rosario Dawson).  Moves around a lot with them doing sit-ins, protests, etc.

August 28, 1963 - Attends the March on Washington.   Inspired by MLK Jr.'s speech.  Saw Bob Dylan perform "Blowin' in the Wind" and Joan Baez sing "We Shall Overcome". 

Late 1965 - Kierce killed in a riot that breaks out from a protest in Compton.  Really hard for Anastacia and Rose, who decide to renew their efforts.

February, 1966 - Attends Mardi Gras with Rose, first time trying to just get out and do something fun since Kierce's death.  She is recaptured there in Louisiana, when Rose isn't around, when she professes to someone that she is shadow kind, thinking that they are part of a rights movement for her people.  In reality,   it is just Atticus Stuart, (Jason Isaacs) a rich southern guy who is looking for a present for his son, who is age 24,  not very handsome, not very smart, Hugo Stuart (Phillip Seymour Hoffman).  Meant to be kind of like his own personal courtesan, because he doesn't attract other women, his father's "present" backfires.  Hugo is disgusted because she is shadow kind and won't let her touch him.  Abusive, brands her on her shoulder with the family crest, and makes her into a slave. 

1966 - 1990 - Enslaved to the Stuart family.

1970 - Hugo marries Esme Delaney (Anjelica Huston), who is incredibly jealous of Anastacia.  Thinks that her husband is having an affair with her, which he would never do.  Esme tries to get her killed, arrested, fired, etc. on multiple occasions.  Raises two of her three children to despise her.  One of them, Lily, is a little slow, but she feels sorry for Anastacia.   She often helps her to thwart Esme's plans to get rid of her.  The other two, Rupert  and Jocelyn, tease her mercilessly, and lord themselves over her from the time that they are very young. 

1971 - Esme makes Hugo hire Martin James.  He is a human and will not speak to her.  She doesn't realize this is for fear of retribution from the Stuarts, (If he loses his job, he won't be able to feed his family, who is sending money to in another city) not because he doesn't like Shadow kind.  He actually feels sorry for her and will often do small things for her that she won't know were him, and usually attributed to Lily.

1972 - Rupert born.

1974 - Jocelyn born.

1975 - Lily born.

1982 - Esme sees Anastacia playing with the necklace that Pierre gave her, and even though she has worn it practically every day as long as she has known her, she freaks out on her and says that she "stole her necklace" and yanks it off from her, breaking the chain. 

1990 - Released from slavery 2nd time when all the Shadow kind slaves are released by government mandate; poor, helps others with the little money that she has.

1990 - 2005 - Dyes hair red, gets the hell out of Louisiana.  Lives kind of a Bohemian lifestyle, traveling from place to place, mostly through the midwest, farm to farm, trying to get away from Louisiana, on a quest to "find the unicorn".  Lives in Chicago, for a time, searching for Rose & Kierce again, settles in with a roommate, Cheryl (Brittany Murphy), who gets her a job working as a waitress in the front room of a gentleman's club (she has no idea what her roommate is doing in the back room or what the place actually is).  When Anastacia walks in on the backroom and finds out her roomie is a stripper, she excuses herself to go home early, quitting work. Cheryl has to walk home alone, and is mugged and killed in an alleyway.  Grief-stricken, Anastacia hops a ride out of town with a Shadow-hating woman, named Libby Madison (Meryl Streep), who is on her way to deliver a check to her estranged son's widow, who is about to lose her son's farm, due to a law that claims Shadowkind can not own land without paying a heavy fine.   Anastacia finally tells the woman that she's Shadowkind, and changes her views on her son's elven wife.  The woman has a heart attack and dies on the way, but Anastacia takes the check and sets out to find Daisy Mae's farm and deliver it.

1990 - present - Police extremely wary of dealing with shadow kind; dealt with them in larger groups

2005 - Anastacia goes to a farm in Kansas, to help Daisy Mae Madison (Charlize Theron) and her many children get back on their feet and fight off the governmant money-grubbers; goes out for a walk one night, full moon, sees something in the woods, sees a unicorn for the first time in this world and it touches her heart with its horn,  something rustles in the bushes behind her,  and she turns to look, and then the unicorn is gone, but an article is stuck to her clothes about Brett's son taking over the Wagner business, which prompted her to return to New York.

late 2005 - Returns to NY and finds the Wagners.  Brett is an old man (age 85 now) but allows her to stay with them.  She doesn't know exactly what called her there to New York but she sees that it is a highly troubled city and decides that she wants to make a difference there.  She gets a job as a waitress at a greasy diner under the table.

2005 - 2011 - Lives with Brett, and his son's family in New York City.  His son, Kyle Wagner (Dan Hedaya) and his wife Minerva.  Daughter Kylea. 

early 2011 - Brett passes away at age 91; leaves her enough money to really get started on her own, but she ends up giving a lot of it away to charity or to different causes that she picks up in the next few years, so she still lives on meager means.  She can however, finally afford to really get her own apartment that isn't crappy or packed with about 10 people.

early 2011 - Meets Lucas Grant (Breckin Meyer).  He helps her get a fake ID and paperwork, which she had not officially had until now, since she had mostly been considered property, and still was not considered "human" - her paperwork begs to differ.  Wink, wink.  The two really hit it off, and he sees that she is looking for a place to stay.  Offers to let her move in, if she'll do most of the cooking, and not mind his mess.  This temporary arrangement ends up becoming much more permanent.

2011 - Begins rooming with Lucas - artsy photographer, quirky, involved in some mostly harmless underhanded businesses, including a fake ID racket, ticket scalping, pawning stolen merchandise, smuggling pro-Shadow rights literature in from more liberal countries, etc.  He gets freelance jobs doing legitimate photography for some lesser known magazines on occasion which means he sometimes gets to travel, and takes Anastacia with him. 

2011 - now - Does a lot of charity work whenever she can, working at soup kitchens or various other places.  Known as a regular at a lot of such locations around NYC.  Most notably, spends a lot of time at the Gift of Lethe soup kitchen.

2013 - Goes to Nepal with Lucas

2014 - Goes to Hawaii with Lucas

Early 2015 - Goes to London with Lucas

2015 - Shadow kind fully acknowledged and given rights; she gets legitimate ID, which identifies her as Shadow Kind, and exactly what type in government records; she joins the Police Academy and graduates quickly, mostly because her police trainer is trying to score a date with her.  By the time she's graduated Academy, she can still not drive a car, and hardly knows her way around a gun.

2016 - Receives a mysterious note handed to her by a stranger, that prompts her to take a life-altering helicopter ride.  [The diverging point from character's original timeline, as the note she's handed brings her to the Crowded Hour castle, rather than the note that begins Heart of Innocence, leading to her joining the Shadow Division of the police]

Anastacia O'Keefe
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Anastacia's Basic Info

Name:  Anastacia Cosette Duval
(real last name in Celestial, relatively unpronounceable to normal beings, and untranslatable from Celestial characters to English ones)

Nicknames:   Anne, Tazya, CeeCee, A, Annie, Aunty Stacia/ Auntastacia
Height: 5' 11"
Weight:  118 lb
Hair color: Golden blonde (has been dyed bright red and black in the past)
Eye color:  Unnaturally blue
Distinguishing marks:  Tattoo on the small of her lower back of Lurue's symbol (unicorn / crescent moon)
                Branded on her left shoulder as the property of the Stuart family (their crest)
Favorite musicians:  Bob Dylan, Joan Baez
Favorite color:  White
Favorite movies:  Amelie, The Last Unicorn
Occupation: Recently graduated from Police Academy, newly enstated officer of the NYPD

Born December 7th, 1901 in the Shadowrealm**
Aasimar descendent of Lurue, the Unicorn goddess

Anastacia is unaware of it, but she is also descended from Sehanine Moonbow, elven goddess of death, dreams, and the moonShe takes much more from the Lurue lineage anyways.

Lurue (pronounced luh-RUE), also known as The Unicorn Queen, is a chaotic good goddess of intelligent and talking beasts. Lurue teaches that life is there to be lived, and one should live it with zest and flair. Adventures and quests should be taken on a whim and life should be filled with good times and laughter. She is worshiped by many unicorns, pegasi, and other intelligent non-humanoid creatures, as well as by romantic and swashbuckling adventurers. Although preferring adventure and exploration instead of battle, if forced into a fight she is an intractable foe.  [Lurue is a deity taken from Forgotten Realms, the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting]

Further info on Lurue.

Dogma: The Unicorn is a symbol of hope, joy, salvation, and protection for the needy, forlorn, and forsaken. Life is to be relished and lived with laughter. Quests are to be taken on a dare and gifts are to be made on a whim. Impossible dreams are to be pursued for the sheer wonder of the possibility of their completion. Everyone, no matter how unique, is to be praised for their strengths and comforted in their weaknesses. Evil melts quickest in the face of a rapier wit and unshackled joy. Search for the unicorn and in the pursuit find happiness.

Abilities:  Anastacia does not have any real 'powers', even though she's descended from goddessees.  The closest she has to this is the ability to generate a small magical light around her or in the palm of her hand once a day.  She is also stronger than she looks, though it is not to superhuman proportions.  The most obvious sign that she has supernatural origins is that she possesses a remarkably inhuman beauty, grace, and bearing.  Her kind hearted nature gives her a diplomatic edge over people - most people tend to like her, so it's easy for her to talk them into doing things.  Luckily, she would never use this to manipulate anybody. 

**Important note:  In the canon from which Anastacia comes, our modern world exists parallel to a universe that is the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of D&D, replete with magic, monsters, elves and dwarves etc.  In the Urban Arcana setting, where Anastacia lives, at times holes in the fabric of reality open between the dimensions, dumping things from the magic world (or Shadow world), into our modern world.  These things include items, locations, people, and monsters.  People who make this trip, do not remember anything (or at least very little) about their former life.  Just what was very important to them - their name, their faith, etc.