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Name:Anastacia O'Keefe
Birthdate:Jan 19

a n a s t a c i a d u v a l
The grand-daughter of two goddesses, Anastacia Duval has quite a legacy to live up to. However, having fallen into our modern world, and forgotten her entire life beforehand, she's not sure exactly what she's meant to be doing. Kind hearted, virtuous, free-spirited, and adventurous, Anastacia sees every day as a new opportunity. She has a long and colorful history, being 114 years of age, and hails most recently from New York City, where she is a newly appointed police officer.

r p i n f o
Canon: Original character, in a variant of the D20 Modern Urban Arcana setting
Timeline: Anastacia believes it's the year 2016
Shipping Notes: Open! Keep in mind she's a 114 year old virgin folks, who knows little about sex.
This character was originally used in the tabletop RPG campaign Heart of Innocence
She is currently appearing in the RPs crowdedhour and sixwordstories. She's also active in the prompt comms justprompts and charloft.

i n v e n t o r y
Locket containing the photograph of Pierre Duval; valid Shadowkind ID; police badge; various clothes; police-issued Glock 20; small bag; toiletries; communication device; book Tears of the Goddess written in celestial.

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