silvermaid: (wistful)
Anastacia O'Keefe ([personal profile] silvermaid) wrote on May 4th, 2015 at 07:48 pm
hanging from the ceiling // life's a mobile
Anastacia's Mobile

Anastacia's Mobile Frequency is : 1.777

Anastacia has given this frequency to:
        Mickey Smith
        Archie Kennedy  
        Anyone who reads the Contact List

Anastacia has entered the following frequencies into her mobile:
        Archie Kennedy (00.75)
        Universal Frequency  (29.10)
        Mickey Smith   (91.427)
        Mason (196.6)
        Isaack Brie (
16.031911)  - Surgeon
        Leonard McCoy (11.2236) - Medical Doctor
        Chris Skelton (3.8919) - Cop
        Andy Davidson (14.186) - Police
        Spencer Reid (9.262) - FBI
        The Doctor (122.8) - Doctor
        Fox Mulder (10.13) - FBI
        Dana Scully (42.24) - FBI + Doctor
        Sam Tyler (8.460) - Detective Chief Inspector

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