31 October 2009 @ 10:57 pm
[livejournal.com profile] charloft: and a heart that grieves gets lost in everything  

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1. And when two lovers woo
They still say: "i love you"
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by

2. There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

3. Now that I've decided not to stay
I can feel me start to fade away
Everything is back where it belongs

4.Everytime it rains
I know it's good to be alive
Everytime it rains
I know I'm trying to survive
And everytime it rains
I'm gonna hide myself inside

5. Step, step right over the line
And onto borrowed time
When it's life, not waiting to die
Waiting to divide to divide

6.And the wheels just keep on turning
The drummer begins to drum
I don’t know which way I’m going
I don’t know which way I’ve come

7.And a heart that grieves
Gets lost in everything
And a heart in need
Finds hope in anything

8. It's times like these you learn to live again
It's times like these you give and give again
It's times like these you learn to love again
It's times like these time and time again

9. We're both looking for something
That we've been afraid to find
It's easier to be broken
It's easier to hide

10. [bonus]

--Anastacia Duval
@[livejournal.com profile] crowdedhour and Heart of Innocence

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