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Welcome to the IFQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) for this role play journal.

General Info

Who is this Anastacia person?

Anastacia Duval is an original character created by me.  She was originally created for a tabletop game called Heart of Innocence, which ran about 2 years real time.  It used a variation on the D20 Modern: Urban Arcana campaign setting, as well as using things from Dungeons & Dragons' Forgotten Realms setting.  

Who is the girl in the icons?

Anastacia is played by Nicole Kidman, who represents what she looks like to the world at large.

What is an 'aasimar'?

An aasimar is a Dungeons & Dragons term for what Anastacia's race is.  Basically, it means that at some point, a god or goddess had children, and those children had children, etc. etc, mingling their blood with humans, to create beings whose blood is mixed with the divine.  This grants them a little more strength, charisma, etc. than the normal person, but other than that, has very little impact on their every day lives, beyond influencing the way they see the world (generally through the eyes of their ancestor's dogma).  Anastacia is actually descended from two goddesses, but does not remember this as she lost her memories in her twenties.  These goddesses are Lurue, goddess of good talking beasts (whose aspect is a unicorn), and Sehanine, the elven goddess of death.   

RPing Info

Where is Anastacia played?

 [info]crowdedhour and  [info]justprompts.

Do you have 'verses for Anastacia?

Yes and no.  Unofficially, Anastacia exists in two 'verses:  crowdedhour!verse and heartofinnocence!verse, given that she began both games from the same point in her life and Crowded Hour represents an alternate storyline for her.  However, I keep this journal specifically Crowded Hour related, except where very specifically noted.

How do you play Anastacia?

She's generally very friendly, but there's a distinct sadness lurking underneath it sometimes.  She'll talk to anybody.  For a complete overview of what goes into her personality, see the detailed synopsis here

What is canon?

Anastacia is an original character, and as such, is only bound by my personal canon.  However, she is subject to her own established background story, which can be found in timeline form here.  All the characters in her back stories have casts as well, and so if your character happens to be played by the same actor/actress, Anastacia will think that they look exactly like the people she knows.

Can my pup play with Anastacia?

Definitely!  As I said, she's very friendly, and I hope that I am as well!  Feel free to have your character join an open log with her, or contact me via PM if you'd like to plot something up before hand.  I am completely up for doing planning with anybody, to figure out how we can mesh our characters together.  I will gladly RP with anyone, any fandom.

Tag, you're it! Where the heck are you anyway?

I live a busy life, but I do my damndest to not shirk too badly on tagging.  Ideally, I will tag you back in 24 hours, but if I do not tag you back within 3 days, please feel free to contact me and find out what's up.  I may have forgotten about the LJ alert, been very busy, or something else, and I wouldn't want to leave you boxed in.

Can my character snog/shag/make babies/elope with Anastacia?

Anastacia is a 114 year old virgin, who is still somewhat trying to get over the death of the man she loved over 50 years ago.  What she really requires for any sort of romance to occur, is someone patient, understanding, and able to empathize with the things she's been through.  If your character is not long lived, she would probably feel like you were much too young for her.  Nevertheless, if someone is willing to take the time, Anastacia can definitely mend and fall in love, and in that case, would be willing to sleep with your character/get married/have children.  Just a warning though: it would be a long battle.

Who is this Carson she keeps mentioning in game?

You might want to ask Anastacia about this, as Carson is a very important part of her past, and the story is a bit complicated.  The short version is that he was the love of her life, and they were engaged, though they could never be married due to the constraints of society.  She had to pretend to be his servant in public for most of their life together.  His death continues to impact her to this day. 

Friending Policy

You already have a Doctor/Castiel/Cordelia/etc. friended. Can my Doctor/Castiel/Cordelia/etc. friend you?

Definitely.  Anyone is free to friend me and I will friend them back!

Can I friend you with my personal journal and not a character journal?

Yes- I probably will not friend you back, but none of Anastacia's journal entries are locked, so you can read any of them and respond to OOC posts or fic posts, etc. as often as you would like.

Why did you friend me?

I generally only friend journals with Anastacia that are characters she has interacted with in game, or is likely to.  I may also friend you with [livejournal.com profile] mulder_trustno1 as that is the friends page that I check for RPing. 

About the Mun

Who the heck are you, anyway?

You can call me Arden, though I have a real name too.  Just ask me.  I'm 24, live in Michigan, and am a teacher/actress.

Where can I find you outside of RP?

[livejournal.com profile] dancinpenguins  is my personal journal. 

Do you play any other characters?

Yes!  Many.  The following are the active ones.  At [livejournal.com profile] crowdedhour 

Fox Mulder - [livejournal.com profile] mulder_trustno1
Sally Solomon - [livejournal.com profile] amazonhomemaker 
Buffy Summers - [livejournal.com profile] cuzitswrong 
Daisy Adair - [livejournal.com profile] theglamreaper
Sherlock Holmes - [livejournal.com profile] elementrymydear 

I play one character at [livejournal.com profile] fallenpedestals :

Athena, goddess of Wisdom & War  - [livejournal.com profile] farshiner 

I also tabletop roleplay a few other characters, one of which is Anastacia's daughter in heartofinnocence!verse, and I occasionally do prompts for her:

Faith O'Keefe - [livejournal.com profile] abhorsenfaith(PB: Kirsten Dunst) - Game: Soul of Rage
Naomi - No journal (PB: Zoe Saldana) - Game: Ties that Travel
Austen "Jax" - No journal (PB: Hayley Williams) - Game: Reckless Abandon
Quinn O'Connor - [livejournal.com profile] irishfirebrand   (PB: Michael Vartan) - Game:  E.S.P.
Stolen from a long line of people, I guess ;)   Ending with Bex.  I probably even stole some of her responses.

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