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Anastacia O'Keefe ([personal profile] silvermaid) wrote on April 22nd, 2009 at 11:40 pm
and my winter giving way to warm

anastacia's background ost

disc one.

open your heart.  theme.

the perfect girl.  pierre's first reaction to anastacia.

boys don't cry. pierre gives anastacia her first kiss, she all but runs away.

pale september.  carson wagner comes to town. 

i've never been in love before.  carson falls for anastacia. 

say anything.  anastacia learns that she's been tricked into slavery, and doesn't want to hear carson's explanations.  she doesn't speak to him for years.

ice.  carson's brother conrad attempts to rape anastacia.  carson intercedes, and pulls a gun on his brother.  he shoots, but misses, though it's unclear if he meant to or not.

falling into you. anastacia actually finds herself learning to trust carson, and falling in love with him again.

unforgettable.  carson and anastacia's song.

a home.  as carson grows old, and eventually comes to the end of his life, both he and anastacia have some regrets.

breathe. anastacia in the wake of carson's death.

bookends.  meeting rose & kierce.

disc two.

we shall overcome.  anastacia gets involved in civil rights movements for blacks, due to her strong opinions about prejudice against shadowkind.  she sees joan baez and bob dylan in concert and is deeply inspired.

stability [*].  kierce is killed in a riot, leaving rose and anastacia reeling.

prayers for rain.  anastacia is enslaved by the stuarts, where she endures humiliation and drudgery.  she prays for it to end.

mobile.  freed by the government act that bans enslaving shadowkind, anastacia travels all over, living many kinds of lives.

joyful girl.  after her roommate cheryl is brutally murdered, anastacia has to face once again the darkness of this world, and try to find her faith and joy within it

she moves on.  determined to grant libby's dying wish and deliver a check to her daughter in law, anastacia goes from farm to farm, doing odd chores, on her way to kansas.

marvelous things.  after helping daisy mae save her farm, anastacia is visited by the unicorn, which appears to her and gives her a clue that she must return to new york, though she does not know why. 

new york state of mind.  anastacia returns to nyc and lives with the wagner's descendents. 

times they are a'changin.  anastacia must face the dark changes that have been wrought in the city she once lived in with carson.

from a balance beam.  after witnessing a double suicide, anastacia practically breaks down, unsure of what she can do to help this city, and missing carson more than ever.  she does what she can to try to move on from the past, steeling herself to be stronger.

lucky.  coming back from the depths of near-despair herself, anastacia finds her hope flares stronger than ever.

one hand in my pocket.  anastacia's theme song.

all good things.  general.

most of me.  if anastacia finds love again, this is the anthem for the difficulties she'll have.



**Note:  I know Frank Sinatra doesn't sing Unforgettable on this cd.  I wasn't paying attention when I copied the text from my itunes to the coverart... and it was ID'd wrong.  *facepalm*

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